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Hello I am my self an old sailor and after 24 years sailing all around the world, using my experience, and of many sailors-friend, I wished to create 4 new Apps especially designed for sailors from sailors !


 These 4 Apps are mainly intended to:

1. Providing the Sailor with all the Aids and INFOS that myself and my friends we missed during those 24 years

2. Which can result very friendly and easy and quick to use.

3. Not graphics game and/or toys, but JUST essential information’s and Tools !

STOP using expensive gps/chart/plotter ! Today with a cheap Tablet and good and cheap Apps, you can have the same, and much more, informations than with an expensive gps/chart/plotter. And… if you brake one of those you lost thousands of dollars, if you brake a tablet…a few hundreds and again the same Apps for free! So switch from expensive and limited tools to a tablet and MY APPS !

Have a look: (I put in these Apps 24 years of experience) :


Fastest Tack Chooser

PilotChart Router

Charting (free charts!)



Marginal Note: I got some criticism about the graphics aspect and the English property of my Apps. When I will have time I will try to improve that issues, BUT for the moment let me keep in my opinion that when you are in the middle of an ocean what you most need and appreciate is the utility of the information’s that you get from your e-devices ! I am a sailor and to sailors I am addressing.